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The Decyphr Trading Method is an algorithmic and semi automated trading system. Each Market Component is broken down and measured via mathematical formulas, these formulas combine to form patterns that are recurring in market data. Below you will find a synapse of this method.

Concepts of the DECYPHR Method

Time Time of Day - In Session Hours


Volatility Bollinger Bands

Price Hieken Ashi Zig Zag/ATR/Seasonal Positions

Oscillation         Stochastic

Zig Zag/ATR/Seasonal Positions

Deviation         Envelope Channel/Bollinger

Momentum RSI

Trend MAs/Price Action

Levels Pivot Points/Fibonacci Levels/Swing Points/Psychological Levels/Support-Resistance

Market Structure= Waves

Impulse Retracement


RANGE Correction                    

Economic Data Trends Economic Calendar

Central Bank Cycles

Algo Strategies

Fluctus Planum         oscillation levels

Velemez Cur         mtf deviation

Templi trend oscillation

Adversus         oscillation momentum

Crux mtf trend

Rupti trend momentum

Tenoris = Trend

Templi = Tempo

The Tenoris Templi Forex Algorithim Combines the 21 & 55 Exponential Moving Averages set to the Close to denote the direction of the trend, and the Stochastic Oscillator set to 5-3-3 Close to denote overbought & oversold conditions in oscillation. When both of these conditions show confluence we have a high probability trade.

Velemez = Deviation

Cur = Curve/Turn

The Velemez Cur Forex Algorithm combines multiple time frames and deviation formulas to find high probability turning points in the market. The base formula applied by the Iron Abacus is a Double Bollinger Bands, each based on the 55 and 233 Exponential Moving Averages and a 1.68 Deviation, respectively. 

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