Stare into the Abacus, let Knowledge erupt.

The Iron Abacus Forex Guild is a Forex & Crypto RPG, we provide news, technical & fundamental analysis, data, entertainment and more in an MMORPG/Real World Style Environment. Our App Suite (in development), The Profilius, allows personal finance, fitness & health management dapps to integrate and provide a real world mmorpg experience. The Iron Abacus Exchange Discord server serves as a base of operations and has a trove of data and information poured in through its Bank & Republic Data Mines. You can join here

Currently our main news page, The Nunti Abaci, is also under construction till further notice. 

For more details & information concerning developments, follow our main Twitter here, also a fundamental news feed, for a technical analysis news feed follow our analysis twitter here.

The Forex & Crypto Mason suites - Closed

Abacus Youtube Channel is open and can be viewed here.

The Iron Abacus Echange Discord Server can be joined here.

Profilius App Suite - Closed

Nunti Abaci - Closed

Abacus Treasury - Closed

Abacus DAO - Closed

Abacus Exchange - Closed

Abacus Temple - Closed