Stare into the Abacus, let Knowledge erupt.

The Iron Abacus Forex Guild is a Forex & Crypto RPG, we provide news, technical & fundamental analysis, data, entertainment and more in an MMORPG/Real World Style Environment. Our App Suite (in development), The Profilius, allows personal finance, fitness & health management dapps to integrate and provide a real world mmorpg experience. The Iron Abacus Exchange Discord server serves as a base of operations and has a trove of data and information poured in through its Bank & Republic Data Mines. You can join here

Currently our main news page, The Nunti Abaci, is also under construction till further notice. 

For more details & information concerning developments, follow our main Twitter here, also a fundamental news feed, for a technical analysis news feed follow our analysis twitter here.

The Forex & Crypto Mason suites are open for viewing in the Library here.

Abacus Youtube Channel is open and can be viewed here.

The Iron Abacus Echange Discord Server can be joined here.

Profilius App Suite - Closed

Nunti Abaci - Closed

Abacus Treasury - Closed

Abacus DAO - Closed

Abacus Exchange - Closed

Abacus Temple - Closed